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2013 Generator Information

Generator Overview

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Polaris Power models from 2013 are the P1000i, P2000i and P3000iE. These portable digital inverter generators are quiet, fuel efficient, lightweight and portable. They use digital inverter technology to produce high-quality clean electrical power, similar to that in your home. The engine RPM automatically adjusts as required by the power output demand, enabling these models to be quieter and more fuel efficient than conventional generators.

The 2013 Polaris generators can be used to support outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and camping or to power tailgates. They can also serve as emergency backup power to run lights, a refrigerator or a heater. These generators cannot power an entire home, but they can supply power for devices and appliances as needed. All devices and appliances are different and require unique amounts of power to operate properly. Always be fully aware of the amount of power your device needs and if it requires an additional boost of power to start up. Never run a generator indoors or anywhere without proper ventilation — including your garage.

The power outputs, sizes, weights and other specifications of the these three generator models can be found in the below chart. The generators feature low Total Harmonic Distortion. In power systems, lower THD means a reduction in peak currents, heating, emissions and core loss in motors. The P1000i and P200i have THDs of less than 1 percent at no load and less than 4 percent at full load. The P3000iE has a THD of less than 1.2 percent at no load and less than 5 percent at full load.

These three generators have tested to temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 C) and as low as minus-20 F (-29 C). They can be used in the rain or other inclement weather conditions but should be protected to keep excessive pooling and moisture from cords and electronics. Ventilation is very important, so any protective covering should be at least 5 feet from any side of the generator.

As noted in the specifications table, the P1000i and P2000i models can be connected together using a separately sold parallel connection kit.

Polaris Generator Models and Specifications

Frequency (Hz)60Hz60Hz60Hz
Rated AC output900W (7.5A)1,600W (13.3A)2,800W (23.3A)
Maximum AC output1,000W (8.3A)2,000W (16.7A)3,000W (25A)
DC output (replaceable 5A tube fuse)12V (5A)12V (5A)12V (5A)
AC output voltage (V)120V120V120V
AC receptacles2 5-20R
(UL certified)
2 5-20R (UL certified)2 5-20R (UL certified), 1 30A twist lock (UL certified)
Noise level decibel dB(A) at 25 percent rated (rated load)*53 dB (62 dB)54 dB (62 dB)55 dB (64 dB)
Fuel typeUnleaded gasolineUnleaded gasolineUnleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity.68 gal (2.57 L).98 gal (3.70 L)3.43 gal (13 L)

Runtime on full tank
at 25 percent rated
(rated load)**

10.5 hrs (4.5 hrs)10 hrs (4 hrs)21 hrs (6.8 hrs)
Dry weight36.4 lbs (16.53 kg)53.3 lbs (24.2 kg)125.6 lbs (56.97 kg)
Dimensions in inches
(L x W x H)
19.4 x 10.4 x 16.5 (492 mm x 265 mm x 418 mm)21.4 x 13 x 17.7 (545 mm x 330 mm x 48 mm)27 x 16.9 x 19.5 (686 mm x 429 mm x 495 mm)
Displacement53.5 cc105 cc196 cc
Oil capacity6.7 oz (198 ml)13.5 oz (400 ml)20.3 oz (600 ml)
Starting systemRecoilRecoilElectric start with recoil backup
Parallel connection ports***YESYES
Lock & Ride-enabled handlesYESYES
AC circuit breaker (engine running reset)YESYESYES
Low oil warning light and auto shut downYESYESYES
AC and DC simultaneous usageYESYESYES
Economy throttle switchYESYESYES
Tool kit, oil fill funnel bottle and spare plugIncludedIncludedIncluded
Rubber insulating feetYESYESYES
Locking no-flat wheelsYES
DC charging cordIncludedIncludedIncluded
spark arrestor
Engine typeFour-stroke,
single OHC
single OHC
single OHC

* Decibels dB(A) measured outdoors at 7 meters from control panel. Actual results will vary based on temperature, environmental conditions and output load.
** Actual results will vary based on temperature conditions, altitude and output load. 
*** Parallel kit sold separately.

Identification Number Locations
The model and serial number decal for your 2013 Polaris Power generator can be found on the bottom of the side panel, as shown in the diagrams below. Polaris recommends recording the model and serial numbers in your Owner's Manual for future reference.

P1000i and P2000i I D locations


P3000iE I D location

Components and Features
The following diagrams and photos show the locations of components and control panel features on the P1000i, P2000i and P3000iE generators. For more details on each component, consult your Owner's Manual.

P1000i and P2000i component locations:

P1000i and P2000i components

P1000i and P2000i control panel features:

P1000i and P2000i control panels


P3000iE components

Control Panel Features:

Generator features

For more information, see your Owner's Manual

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