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Air Conditioning Operation

Polaris generators can be used to operate air conditioners to keep you and your home cool. 

To power an air conditioner, bring the generator to a normal operating temperature before applying the air conditioning load. Always allow a 2-minute wait period when manually cycling an air conditioner off and on.

A longer wait period may be required under unusually hot weather conditions. All other loads should be turned off until the air conditioner has started and is performing normally. 

Before applying an air conditioning load, ensure that your generator is rated to handle to the load. Use the table below for running (rated) and additional starting (surge) watts. Add all rated and surge watts for the air conditioner(s) you are running to calculate how many watts your generator needs to produce. 

AC OutputRunning (Rated) WattsAdditional Starting (Surge) Watts
Window AC - 10,000 BTU12003600
Window AC - 12,000 BTU32509750
Central AC - 10,000 BTU15004500
Central AC - 24,000 BTU380011400
Central AC - 40,000 BTU600018000

Follow the air conditioner manufacturer's instructions for starting and restarting for proper operation. Some air conditioner manufacturers offer a start capacitor as an extra cost option. The lack of a start capacitor can cause the air conditioner to draw too high a starting current and overload the generator. Contact your air conditioner dealer if you consistently have problems starting your air conditioner with the generator. 

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. You can find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
More operation and maintenance procedures can be found in your Owner's Manual: P5500/6500 Owner's Manual, P3200iE Owner's Manual and P2000i Owner's Manual.
For replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog

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