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P5500 and P6500 Inspection, Start Procedure and Operation

Pre-Operation Inspection
Always perform the recommended pre-operation inspections before each use and when removing the generator from storage. If inspection reveals any concerns, service the generator promptly or visit your authorized Polaris Dealer.

  • Lock the wheels prior to operation. Engage the wheel lock by pushing the handle firmly downward.
  • Next, inspect the engine oil level. Ensure the generator is on a flat, level surface.
    • Clean the area around the dipstick. 
    • Remove the oil filler cap with dipstick and wipe clean. 
    • Reinstall the dipstick into the filler neck without screwing it in.
    • Remove the dipstick and inspect the oil level. 
    • Add oil as needed with the included funnel through the fill hole. New generators will be shipped without oil. The engine oil capacity is 37.2 ounces (1100.1 ml). 
    • Inspect the level as needed until the oil reaches the upper mark on the dipstick. 
    • Reinstall the dipstick and wipe up any residual oil. 
  • In a well-ventilated area, check the fuel level and refuel as needed. 
    • First, remove the fuel tank cap.
    • Then carefully add fuel as needed, using care to avoid spilling fuel on the fuel tank strainer. New generators will be shipped without fuel. 
    • Do not overfill the fuel tank. There should be no fuel above the upper limit mark. Always use caution when handling gasoline. Overflow may spill onto a hot engine and result in a fire or explosion. 
    • Tighten the fuel tank cap securely.
    • Position the fuel switch to OFF for storage or ON to operate the generator. 
    • Always move the generator away from the fueling source and site before starting the engine. 
  • Inspect the exhaust system for leakage. Tighten or replace the gasket if needed.
  • Inspect the choke lever for smooth operation.
  • Ensure the generator is resting on a level surface to prevent spills or tip-over.
  • Remove grass, leaves, and other flammable material debris, especially near the HOT exhaust system. 

Starting Your Generator
After completing the pre-operation inspection, you can start your generator.

1. First, ensure all power cords and extension cords are unplugged from the generator.

2. Then position the fuel switch to the ON position. 

3. Set the choke to the CLOSED position for a cold engine and OPEN for a warm engine.

4. Turn the ignition switch to the START position. When the engine starts, release the key and switch the choke to the open position as the engine warms up. Avoid operating the starter for more than 10-second intervals and add 5-second breaks in between engine cranking to avoid starter damage. 

5. To start the engine with the recoil, start by turning the ignition switch to RUN. 

6. Lightly pull the starter recoil grip until resistance is felt. Then firmly pull straight out and return it gently to prevent damage to the recoil. 

7. If the choke lever was positioned to CLOSED to start the engine, move it to OPEN as the engine warms up. 

Stopping Your Generator
In case of emergency, turn the ignition key to the OFF position to stop the engine. Continually stopping the generator with a load applied can lead to damage of the control module. 

Under normal conditions, stop the engine with the following procedure:

1. Shut off or disconnect all appliances connected to the generator.

2. Turn the ignition key switch to the OFF position.

3. Lastly, turn the fuel valve switch to the OFF position.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
More operation and maintenance procedures can be found in your P5500/P6500 Owner's Manual.
For replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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