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P2000i Orientation

P2000i generator

1 Control Panel Contains the switches, buttons, indicator panel, and receptacles for proper operation of the generator. 
2 Cord Hooks Allows for storage of extension cords when generator is not in use
3 Maintenance
 Provides access to inner components for routine maintenance and repair.
4 Feet Used in combination with folding handle to roll generator across flat surface.
5 Muffler Reduces noise and emissions from engine combustion.
6 Air Intake Provides air to cool the engine.
7 Handle Allows for carry of the generator.
8 Fuel Vent Allows fuel to flow into the carburetor.
9 Fuel Tank Cap Provides access to the fuel tank.
10 Fuel Valve Switch  Opens the fuel valve and prevents flooding and dilution. 
11 Starter Grip Causes the recoil starter to crank the engine when pulled. 


Control Panel

1Parallel Socket

Two Polaris parallel-ready generators can be connected together to increase the total power available to a load, using the parallel socket.

The system matches frequency and automatically distributes the load to each generator evenly so neither is overloaded.

2Overload Reset Button

The overload reset button is used in the case of sudden engine shutdown resulting from prolonged engine overload.

Should the generator overload, AC power will be cut off but the engine will stay running. Correct the overload condition and then press the overload reset switch on the front panel. AC power will be restored immediately.

See the Owner's Manual for full instructions. 


Pulling the choke lever provides proper fuel-starting mixture when the engine is cold.

When attempting to start a cold engine, pull the choke lever outward to close. Slowly return the choke to the open position as the engine warms.

4Engine Switch

Before starting the generator, press the engine switch to the ON position. The engine switch must be in the ON position for the generator to operate.

Press the switch to the OFF position to shut off the engine.

5AC Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers automatically switch OFF if a short circuit or significant overload occurs to one or more of the receptacles.

6SMART Throttle Switch

The SMART throttle switch automatically reduces engine speed when loads are shut off or disconnected. The engine returns to the proper speed to power the electrical load when appliances are turned ON or reconnected.

Press the SMART throttle switch to the OFF position to reduce voltage changes when high electrical loads are simultaneously connected or when using the DC output.

7Indicator Panel

The indicator panel has the following indicator buttons: low oil, fault/overload and output indicator. 

85V USB Ports

This generator is equipped with two USB ports. A total of 3.1A data transfer speed is available at 5 volts.

Each single port can draw the full 3.1A or will be distributed as needed.

9DC Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers automatically switch OFF if a short circuit or significant overload occurs to one or more of the receptacles.

1012V DC Receptacle

The DC receptacle charges 12V DC automotive-type batteries. The DC charging output is not regulated.

This receptacle is protected from an overload with a circuit protector. If the DC circuit is overloaded, the protector will open and power to the DC receptacle will cease.

The protector is to the left of the receptacle and is closed by pressing down on the button.

11Ground Terminal

The ground terminal is located on the control panel, between the AC receptacles. The terminal connects to the frame of the generator, metal parts that do not conduct current, and ground terminals of each receptacle.

12AC Receptacles

The AC receptacles provide four connections for properly rated AC appliances.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement parts, use the online parts catalog.

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