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Pressure Washer 3700 Unboxing and Assembly

This video describes the unboxing and assembly of the Pressure Washer 3700 (product number 2830573). View the use and care manual for this pressure washer by searching the Polaris Accessory Installation Instruction Site.


1. Place the shipping carton on a solid, flat surface.

2. Carefully cut the top of the carton open as well as each corner of the carton, from top to bottom. 

3. Lay each side of the carton flat on the ground. 

4. Remove all items from the carton. 


5. Slide the handle onto the frame and then secure it with the included knobs and bolts. 

6. Add the pump breather cap.

7. A RED shipping plug is in the pump that must be replaced with a BLACK breather cap.

8. Use a flathead screwdriver, remove the RED shipping plug from the top of the pump.

9. Hand thread the BLACK breather cap into the pump and tighten by hand. 

10. Assemble the spray gun. Begin by securing the lance to the gun by carefully turning the coupler on the spray gun until the coupler stops rotating. Do not over tighten. 

11. Secure the lance to the gun by carefully turning the coupler on the spray gun until the coupler stops rotating. Do not over tighten. Most of the threads on the lance will not be visible if the lance and gun are properly assembled. Be careful not to cross-thread the gun and lance. Warning: The threads on the lance and gun coupler can be easily cross threaded resulting in an improper assembly. An improper assembly of the gun and lance can result in personal injury. Do not use if the threads on the gun coupler and/or lance are cross-threaded.

Organize Accessories

12. Place the spray gun and lance assembly into the holder on the dashboard.

13. Push the nozzles into the rubber grommets on the dashboard. Note: The dashboard label indicates the correct nozzle placement. 

14. Hang the high-pressure hose on the holder. 

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