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Generator Warranty Basics

Your Polaris generator comes with a three-year factory warranty with unlimited hours.

This warranty covers components of your generator against defects in material or workmanship. It covers parts and labor charges for repair or replacement of defective parts and begins on the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser. The warranty is transferable to another owner during the warranty period through a Polaris Dealer, but any transfer will not extend the original length of the warranty.

Customers must warranty register their generator within 10 days of purchase. Each generator has a unique serial number that is required to register the unit for warranty. The location of those serial numbers, which are on stickers, are shown below. On a P2000i, it is behind the panel, on the valve cover. On a P3200iE, it is behind the panel, on the casted housing. And on a P5500 or P6500, it is below the drain plug.

Serial number locations

To register your generator, follow the instructions on the card included with your unit. An example is shown below. Registration can be done online or through the mail. Save your purchase receipt as proof of purchase date. Register your generator online by using the online Warranty Registration form. 

Example registration card

For the full terms and conditions of your factory warranty, contact your Polaris Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator

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