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P2500iEBT Unboxing and Orientation

The following video provides a look at the locations of key components and features of the P2500iEBT generator.

  • 0:26 Inside the box (owner’s manual and warranty registration form, tool kit with a Phillips screwdriver and a spark plug wrench and handle, a fill funnel)
  • 0:45 At the top of the generator (cord hooks, which can be moved by pulling the hooks out from the frame and rotating up, three carrying handles, fuel tank cap, maintenance door, which provides access to the spark plug)
  • 1:12 The rear of the generator (muffler and spark arrestor, air intake)
  • 1:18 Remove the maintenance door panel on the right side (battery, engine oil dipstick, air filter, carburetor, generator serial number, engine serial number)
  • 1:43 The left side (fuel valve switch, recoil starter)
  • 1:50 The control panel on the front (choke lever, engine switch with electric start, AC circuit breaker, SMART throttle switch, 2 – 120 Volt AC Outlets, parallel socket, indicator panel with Low Oil Indicator, Overload Indicator, Load Stability Indicator and Mode Button, 5 Volt USB and USB-C Ports, Carbon Monoxide Warning Light, ground terminal, overload reset button)

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More operation and maintenance procedures can be found in your Owner's Manual.
For replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog

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