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Overloading Your Generator

Should your Polaris generator's maximum load be exceeded, the circuit protection device will trip and cut all current to the receptacles. The engine will continue to run. Correct the load by unplugging all appliances from the receptacles and press the circuit protector button to reset, followed by the Overload Reset button. AC power will be restored immediately. The overload reset button is available for a maximum of five times for each full start of the generator. Shut down the generator and restart using the power switch in order to refresh the number of resets. 

Slightly overloading the generator or running at maximum power operation (30 minutes) may not switch the circuit ON but will shorten the service life of the generator. Take caution not to overload the generator. Refer to the wattage specifications to ensure you have enough wattage for the appliances you wish to power.

The DC receptacle is protected from an overload with a circuit protector. If the DC circuit is overloaded, the protector will trip and power to the DC receptacle will cease. If the circuit protector keeps tripping, discontinue charging and see your authorized Polaris generator dealer. The circuit protector does not prevent overcharging of the battery. The protector is located above the receptacle and is closed by pressing down on the button. 

To help prevent overloading while powering an air conditioner, follow the air conditioner manufacturer's instructions for starting and restarting for proper operation. Some air conditioner manufacturers offer a start capacitor as an extra cost option. The lack of a start capacitor can cause the air conditioner to draw too high a starting current and overload the generator. Contact your air conditioner dealer if you consistently have problems starting your air conditioner with the generator. 

P5500 and P6500
The 240V circuit breaker will automatically switch off if a short circuit or significant overload of the generator occurs to the 240V receptacle. If the circuit breaker switches OFF automatically, check that all connected appliances are working properly and do not exceed the generator's maximum output before switching the breaker back to the ON position. 

The 120V circuit protectors automatically shut off current to receptacles when the circuit is overloaded or when there is a problem with the DC battery charging circuit. These include the electric start, DC, and AC circuit breakers. 

P2000i and P3200iE
The overload reset button is used in the case of sudden engine shutdown resulting from prolonged engine overload. Should the generator overload, AC power will be cut off, but the engine will stay running. Correct the overload condition and then press the overload reset switch on the front panel. AC power will be restored immediately. Reset button locations are shown below.

Reset button locations

In case of engine overload:

1. Disconnect all electrical appliances. 

2. Hold the reset button for 1 second to reset the engine. 

3. If the overload indicator light has turned off and the output light has re-illuminated, reconnect electrical appliances.

4. If the overload indicator light is still illuminated, set the power switch to OFF and check the generator. 

The overload reset button is available for a maximum of five times for each full start of the generator. Shut down the generator and restart using the power switch in order to refresh the number of resets.

The AC and DC circuit breakers automatically switch OFF if a short circuit or significant overload occurs to one or more of the receptacles. To reset the circuit protector, push the button in to the ON position. Prior to resetting the circuit breaker, check appliances for proper operation and that rated load capacity has not been exceeded. 

If a short circuit occurs in a connected appliance, or if the generator is overloaded (produces more than 2800 W), current to the connected appliance will cease, the output indicator (GREEN) will extinguish, and the overload indicator will illuminate RED. 

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
More operation and maintenance procedures can be found in your Owner's Manual: P5500 and P6500 Owner's Manual, P3200iE Owner's Manual and P2000i Owner's Manual.
For replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog

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