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Portable & Quiet

Polaris Power inverter generators are designed specifically for portability. This means they are overall smaller in size and relatively lightweight. They also operate at quieter noise decibels. Open frame generators operate unavoidably at louder decibels.

The Most Dependable Dependability

Polaris Power products have gone through 4,500 hours of validation and extensive certification processes to ensure that customers can utilize this product with 100% confidence. Polaris Power stands behind its product and happily offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


Inverter Generators

P2000i and P3200iE

Inverter generators are composed of an engine, alternator and inverter. The fuel runs the engine's motor which is attached to an alternator to produce high voltage multiphase AC power. This is then converted to DC power. The DC power is then sent through the inverter and coverted to a steady, clean AC power that can be used to power sensitive electrical equipment, without worry of power surges.


Open Frame Generators

P5500 and P6500

Open frame generators consist of an energy source such as propane or gasoline, which powers a motor attached to an alternator that produces electricity. Unlike an inverter generator, an open frame runs at a rated load at all times which means the power is not a clean sine wave.