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P2500iEBT Setup, Inspection and Starting

Required Tools and Supplies

This video will demonstrate the setup, pre-operation inspection, and starting and stopping of the P2500iEBT generator. Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your Polaris generator.

Setup and Pre-Operation Inspection
To set up your P2500iEBT generator, begin with adding engine oil to the generator. New generators will be shipped without oil.

1. Ensure the generator is on a flat and level surface in a well-ventilated area.

2. Remove the maintenance cover.

3. Clean the area around the dipstick.

4. Remove the dipstick and set aside.

5. Fill with the recommended amount of engine oil. The capacity is 12.8 oz (380 ml). Polaris Small Engine Oil is part number 2879383 for 1 quart.

6. Inspect the engine oil level:

  • Reinstall the dipstick into the filler neck.
  • Remove the dipstick again and inspect the oil level. 
  • Add oil as needed with the included funnel until oil reaches the upper mark on the dipstick. 
  • Reinstall the dipstick and wipe up any residual oil. 

7. Connect the battery, begin by ensuring the battery is secure in the holder.

8. Route the electrical harness behind the bracket and plug into the battery connector.

9. Reinstall the maintenance cover by aligning the lower retaining tabs and pivoting in to align the mounting holes. Install the two cover fasteners and tighten until fully seated. 

10. Remove the fuel cap and carefully add fuel as needed. Reinstall the fuel cap and tighten securely. Note: Do not fill above the upper fill mark, and use caution when handling gasoline.

11. Inspect the exhaust system for leakage. Tighten or replace the gasket if needed.

12. Remove any debris from the generator, especially near the hot exhaust system.

After completing the pre-operation inspection, you can now start your generator. 

1. Ensure all power cords and extension cords are unplugged from the generator.

2. Position the fuel valve switch to the ON position.

3. Press the engine switch to ON.

4. For a cold engine start, pull the choke lever OUT. To restart a warm engine, leave the choke lever IN. Note: Do not pull choke when using the electric start!

5. To start the generator using electric start, press the engine switch to the START position. The switch will default back to the ON position. Note: If the battery is dead or electric start fails, use the recoil starting handle to manually start the generator. Running the generator will recharge the battery.

6. To start the generator using the recoil, lightly pull the starter recoil grip until resistance is felt, then pull firmly out.

7. If the choke lever was in the OUT position, move it to the IN position as the engine warms up.

In case of emergency, turn the ignition switch to the OFF position to stop the engine. Warning: Continually stopping the generator with a load applied can lead to damage of the control module.

Under normal conditions, perform the following procedure to shut off the generator:
1. Ensure all appliances are shut off and disconnected from the generator.

2. Press the engine switch to OFF.

3. Turn the fuel valve switch to OFF. 

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
More operation and maintenance procedures can be found in your Owner's Manual.
For replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog

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